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Youtube Exclusive

Music & Lyrics by Fievel

Recording,Mixing & Mastering, by Fievel

The copyright in this sound recording is owned by FievelMusic Inc.

Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending,public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

All rights reserved.℗&© 2023 @FievelMusic

⭐️ A Message From Fievel ⭐️

Hi, it’s Fievel here!

If you’re on this page, it’s maybe because my music means something special to you. Have you found yourself singing "Kids" or "New York" a few times? 😊

I’m really thankful for your support. 💜

I’m a 100% independent artist, handling everything from writing to recording to composing each of my songs (and their videos) in my Studio in Paris.

I tend to keep a low profile, not too active on social media, and I take my time to make the best music I can. My main goal is to share my music and connect with people who feel the same way. Your support is what motivates me to keep making new songs... and I believe it’s no coincidence that you found me.

I’ve poured a lot of love and time into this album, and now it’s available just for you here (and only here) through a special YouTube link.

If you connect with my music and journey, let’s stay in touch! Just leave your Name and Email, and you'll get:

🎵 Early access to my newest songs and videos.

📅 News about my upcoming concerts and events.

🎁 Special treats like acoustic versions, unique covers, and more.

And there’s more! I’d really like to know what you think about the album. Feel free to message me on Instagram (@fievelmusic) with your thoughts, your favorite songs, or even ones you didn’t like much... I’m here to talk with you! 😄✌🏻

I’m excited to share more music with you,

Enjoy exploring and see you soon,

Fievel 💜


It's in your mailbox! :)

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